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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

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Donate to the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee (BBLC)

Donors Recognition Arch

engraved plaques available!

Looking for a way to donate to Beach Beautification Liaison Committee and the Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residence Association? Here is another way you can help make Navarre Beach be the Best It Can Be!


We have 4 inch by 4 inch and 4 inch by 8 inch engraved plaques available to be placed on the Donors Recognition Arch at the east end entrance to the walking/biking path and just behind the Tom Thumb. You can dedicate your plaque to a loved one or a friend. Our perhaps list your own name or family or even your organization can be recognized.


4” by 4” plaques are $250 and 4” by 8” inch plaques are $500

Your donations are used to help maintain our palm islands and doggie pots along Gulf and White Sands Blvd. and provide needed funds for seasonal decorations during holiday periods.

Please contact Peter Birckhead for more information or to make your donation, 713-819-1980 or peterbirckhead@gmail.com

Help make Navarre Beach  the best and recognize a loved one or a business.

We are replacing all metal benches with composite benches.

For more information and specifics, contact Peter Birckhead at

713-819-1980 or peterbirckhead@gmail.com


There are still several  good locations available on White Sand Blvd. for those that are interested



Provided By Peter Birckhead



Fishing Pier Decking Material – A scoping fee proposal is in negotiation with a consultant for pier deck board replacements to be approved by the board.


Restroom on Fishing Pier – The vendor has to complete required improvement by December 31, 2018.

Renovation of Navarre Park – Genesis Engineering is under design. Please note, design at this high level of detail is a lengthy, months-long process.


District 4 Master Plan – Master Plan – public input meeting held on June 11. The results of which will be shared on August 9 at 6pm at Tiger Point Rec Center. All of these meetings have advanced written material/presentations and are videoed for later review.  As it stands now here are the current recommendations for Navarre Beach:

Entertainment Land Use. This is the location of the future Discovery Center. The intent of this district is to provide opportunities for clustered entertainment related uses to create a destination or hub that can be appreciated as a pedestrian experience. Uses within this district include attractions such as the Discovery Center; open-air markets; boutique restaurants, eateries and hotels; bars; breweries and distilleries; and cinemas.

Two vacant areas on the Sound side of the island were designated Medium Density Residential land use. Feedback from Public Open House #2 is that these areas should be maintained as conservation. They will be re-designated as Open Space for the public.

In an effort to help ensure the land on the north side of White Sands Blvd currently set aside for presentation and conversation is not commercially or residentially developed but instead developed for the recreational use and enjoyment by the general public I have made the following motion to forwarded to SRC officials currently involved with the District 4 Master Plan update:

“The Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residents Association requests the BOCC to move forward with the development of a Natural Resource Preserve and Family Recreation Area to be located on the 51+ acre of land adjacent to the west of Homeport set side in the original Master Plan for District 4. The plan is for the county to develop access ways, parking, picnic facilities, restrooms, and a walkover and observation area. We also requests the funding for this project come from bed taxes collected on Navarre Beach and not any sort of MSBU.”


The motion was seconded and carried at the NBLRA Meeting July 1, 2018.

Public transit / trolley to the beach access points along Gulf Blvd. from the US 98 / SR 87 urban core.

A Traffic roundabout at the causeway and Gulf Blvd intersection.

Enhancements to the existing multiuse path on the north side of Gulf Blvd.

New sidewalk along White Sands Blvd.   I have requested that this be changed to a multi-use path on White Sands.

The following are important dates coming up with the further development of the Master Plan:

August 9 – Review of public input with BOCC at Tiger Point Community Center at 6 PM. Gary Buroker, VP NBLRA will be present for this meeting as I will be working the Tunes on Dunes Event being sponsored by NBLRA this same evening.

Oct 11 Zoning Board Meeting to review draft of master plan and seeking a recommendation for adoption by the BOCC.   Time and Location of meeting not set at this time.

November 5 presentation before the BOCC for the final master plan recommendations.


Navarre Beach Sports and Recreation – The County issued an itinerant vendor permit for the property adjacent west of Springhill Suites.  The allowance is for 15 volleyball courts to be constructed on a temporary bases for volleyball tournaments to be held. This project is in cooperation with Springhill Suites that owns the property. Providing they stay within the parameters of the permit, this project is completed from the county’s perspective. This project is on hold during shore bird nesting season. We believe it will resume something early this fall.


Navarre Hotel – A development order and site plan was approved on May 1st for a proposed 100 room hotel located on the northeast side of Navarre Beach causeway on the mainland. The next step would be for the hotel developer to submit building plans for approval.


Pedestrian and Vehicular Traffic Issues – as noted in the minutes of the recent Neighborhood Watch Program Committee meeting minutes we are in the process of securing two “Your Speed Is” signs to be placed on White Sands Blvd. One for east bound and one for west bound traffic. Through generous donations by three Navarre Beach Leaseholders we have secured funding for the signs. I am now working through the issues with SRC officials and the sheriff offices to get the signs approved and installed. Stay Tuned!

Tuner Houses – a contractor has provided bids to restore both houses, the brick House and yellow house next door. The Turners are expected in town soon to meet with contractors and get work underway


Gulf Blvd. Irrigation – East Bay Landscaping has provided a rough estimate in the amount of $ 250,000.  At this time we are working on   a presentation to make to the Board of County Commissioners.


In addition Gulf Coast Environmental Contractors, the current landscaping company that has the maintenance contract for the beach, estimates the

Initial landscaping cost to be around $450,000.  As with East Bay Landscaping Gulf Coast Environmental Contractors is working with us to develop a presentation for the Board of County Commissioners.


NBLRA is hosting the Tunes on the Dunes Program Thursday, August 9.- please be sure to attend this event and show your support for NBLRA by purchasing 50/50 tickets from our representatives. 50% of the ticket sales go to the holder of the winning number drawn and the other 50% goes to local charities and to fund further Tunes on the Dunes concerts.





Beach Beautification Liaison Committee

Peter Birckhead, Chair

Gary Buroker, Member

Dave McPherson, Member

James Calkins, Member

Lisa Cichy, Adopt a Mile

Joni Johnson, Member

Lynn Steinhilber, Adopt a Mile

Justine Ward, Chair, Welcoming Committee

Michelle Auwaerter, Co-Chair Welcoming Committee






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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566



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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566

Donate to the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee (BBLC)