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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

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Donate to the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee (BBLC)

Donors Recognition Arch

engraved plaques available!

Looking for a way to donate to Beach Beautification Liaison Committee and the Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residence Association? Here is another way you can help make Navarre Beach be the Best It Can Be!


We have 4 inch by 4 inch and 4 inch by 8 inch engraved plaques available to be placed on the Donors Recognition Arch at the east end entrance to the walking/biking path and just behind the Tom Thumb. You can dedicate your plaque to a loved one or a friend. Our perhaps list your own name or family or even your organization can be recognized.


4” by 4” plaques are $250 and 4” by 8” inch plaques are $500

Your donations are used to help maintain our palm islands and doggie pots along Gulf and White Sands Blvd. and provide needed funds for seasonal decorations during holiday periods.

Please contact Peter Birckhead for more information or to make your donation, 713-819-1980 or peterbirckhead@gmail.com

Help make Navarre Beach  the best and recognize a loved one or a business.

We are replacing all metal benches with composite benches.

For more information and specifics, contact Peter Birckhead at

713-819-1980 or peterbirckhead@gmail.com


There are still several  good locations available on White Sand Blvd. for those that are interested



Provided By Peter Birckhead


Fishing Pier Decking Material – Deck material is being priced for an engineering task order.


Renovation of Navarre Park – Navarre Park design by Genesis Engineering is at approximately 60%.


Navarre Beach Gulf Side and Sound Side Improvements Marine Park Area

Commissioners plan to allocate $493,935 of Tourism Development Council funds to supplement the nearly $1.5 million in Natural Resource Damage Assessment funds for the Navarre Beach Gulf Side  and South side Walkover Complexes on Navarre Beach.

The $2 million project will include construction of three picnic pavilions, boardwalk connections with a bird observation platform and a dune walkover, plus a parking area and restroom facilities. The complex will be built between the two existing walkover complexes on Gulf Boulevard

There are two projects, The sound side project will be constructed at the same time and will add walkovers on the sound side.


Improvements to the Sound Side of the Park:

• Two ADA accessible boardwalks connecting to existing

parking/pavilion areas on the east and west ends of the

Sound Side Recreation areas.

• An ADA accessible kayak launch with access boardwalk

• Environmental Educational signage regarding the shorebirds

that nest and visit this area.

• Warning signs to alert kayakers and paddle boarders to stay

out of areas where shorebirds inhabit.

• Planting approximately one (1) acre of dune vegetation within

certain selected areas in Sound Side area of the Park.

8/8/2018 Navarre Beach Marine Park


Improvements to the Gulf Side of the Park:

• New Parking Area;

• New Rest Room Pavilion and decking;

• One (1) twelve (12) table covered picnic pavilion w/charcoal grills;

• Two (2) six (6) table covered picnic pavilions w/charcoal grills;

• 6 foot wide Beach Access Boardwalk w/showers and;

• An Observation platform connected to the existing western

beach access boardwalk

• All decking is proposed as composite type, colors, roofing and

siding material to match existing pavilion restroom areas

within the park and bathroom fixtures of the same type

currently used in restrooms and showers

All new facilities to be ADA accessible



Additional access at Navarre Beach – Reaching the reef and gulf waters just got easier for everyone with the installation of a 200-foot-long beach access mat at Navarre Beach. The new AccessMat is located at the foot of the kayak launch at walkover 40E on Sea Oat Circle, just east of the Sea Oat Pavilion and directly ashore from the snorkeling reef in Navarre Beach Marine Park. It replaces the 100-foot-long mat installed earlier this year which has been relocated to walkover 40B, an ADA-compliant beach access walkover situated more closely to the pier, restaurant and other public facilities. The mat, which cost just under $10,000, was purchased by the county’s tourist development office. Like the 100-foot-mat, it also has two sets of wings extending 16 feet to the east and west on each side for additional accessible area and can be removed in a matter of minutes if needed for severe weather or beach maintenance. In addition, two beach wheelchairs were purchased and are housed at the pier for checkout.


Navarre Beach artificial reef deployment has begun - A project to deploy deepwater “nearshore” artificial reefs has begun, conducted by Orange Beach, Alabama contractor Walter Marine. The reefs are being installed in permitted artificial reef area SR-27, located approximately one mile off Navarre Beach. Over 500 modules will be deployed to create 27 individual reef sites, or patch reefs. Reef types will include 15’ tall large tetrahedrons (also known as “super reefs”), 8’ tall tetrahedron pyramids, and 6’ tall ledge and disk modules (also known as “grouper boxes”). Once in place, the reefs will provide enhanced long-term recreational fishing and diving opportunities. The entire project will take place over several deployments (currently estimated at 12) through December 2018. The project progress and schedule is dependent on weather and water conditions. The $1.2 million project is the second and final phase of a major project funded with Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA) Early Restoration funds from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. For more information, contact Grants and Special Programs Director Sheila Fitzgerald, 850-981-2016.


A note regarding “Leave No Trace” -  “Leave no trace” is a broad set of principles for minimal outdoor impact. It’s recognized at a national level and is not just for beaches. There is a non-profit by that same name that explains the seven principles of Leave No Trace (https://lnt.org) and as awareness has become heightened, the term has become a catch-all phrase for any/all efforts to reduce environmental impact. The Santa Rosa County ordinance uses language to give specific direction for our local restrictions/regulations (commonly referred to in many areas as a Leave no Trace Ordinance). Here is the link: https://library.municode.com/fl/santa_rosa_county/ordinances/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=417417


Turner House Update

The Turners were in town this month and held meetings with a general contractor to review renovation bids and plans for both of their homes on Gulf Blvd at the west end of Navarre Beach. We do not know whether or not these meetings resulted in work orders being issued.  Stay tune as we continue to learn more.


Gulf Blvd. Irrigation Project Update

We are still waiting on final and formal power point presentations from the landscaper and the irrigation company. Once these are received a date will be set to present to the Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners.




Beach Beautification Liaison Committee

Peter Birckhead, Chair

Gary Buroker, Member

Dave McPherson, Member

James Calkins, Member

Lisa Cichy, Adopt a Mile

Joni Johnson, Member

Lynn Steinhilber, Adopt a Mile

Justine Ward, Chair, Welcoming Committee

Michelle Auwaerter, Co-Chair Welcoming Committee






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September 22 • October 20

November 20

All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566



September 22 • October 20

November 20

All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566

Donate to the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee (BBLC)