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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

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Donate to the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee (BBLC)

Donors Recognition Arch

engraved plaques available!

Looking for a way to donate to Beach Beautification Liaison Committee and the Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residence Association? Here is another way you can help make Navarre Beach be the Best It Can Be!


We have 4 inch by 4 inch and 4 inch by 8 inch engraved plaques available to be placed on the Donors Recognition Arch at the east end entrance to the walking/biking path and just behind the Tom Thumb. You can dedicate your plaque to a loved one or a friend. Our perhaps list your own name or family or even your organization can be recognized.


4” by 4” plaques are $250 and 4” by 8” inch plaques are $500

Your donations are used to help maintain our palm islands and doggie pots along Gulf and White Sands Blvd. and provide needed funds for seasonal decorations during holiday periods.

Please contact Peter Birckhead for more information or to make your donation, 713-819-1980 or peterbirckhead@gmail.com

Help make Navarre Beach  the best and recognize a loved one or a business.

We are replacing all metal benches with composite benches.

For more information and specifics, contact Peter Birckhead at

713-819-1980 or peterbirckhead@gmail.com


There are still several  good locations available on White Sand Blvd. for those that are interested



Provided By Peter Birckhead


The following is a monthly update on the activities of the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee and beach area improvements


Gulf Blvd. Irrigation

We have been working a long time to get the strip of land along Gulf Blvd. from the Tom Thumb to the National Seashore irrigated so it can be landscaped and look much nicer than it looks today The cost to irrigate the this strip of land using effluent from the Navarre Beach Water Treatment Plant was $1.5 million.

In a recent meeting the County Board of Commissioners deemed this to be too expensive and the project has now been put on the back burner according to Commissioner Williamson.  Peter asked Commissioner Williamson if the County would be willing to fund a study to determine the cost of using well water instead. After repeated email requests the Commissioner did not answer the question. As a result, Peter reached out to CH2M Engineering which is now Jacobbs Engineering to determine the cost of such a study.  They have agreed to work on an estimate for the study and get him.  Once the estimate is provided Peter will then go back to the county and see if they will fund a study.


Crosswalk on Gulf Blvd. in front of the Navarre Fishing Pier Parking Lot

We reached out to Stephen Furman, SRC Public Works Director for Santa Rosa County to help on improving the crosswalks since several pedestrians were almost hit by cars traveling too fast through this crosswalk and a car hitting a fisherman’s cart.  After repeated emails and phone calls Mr. Furman and Peter were in disagreement as to what needed to be done to improve the crosswalk.

Presently, the actions taken by the County were to install reflectors along the crosswalk and put up a yellow flashing light over the pedestrian crosswalk sign. The flashing light is not visible during the day and is dim at night. Peter reported this to Mr. Furman and nothing has changed.  He also expressed his concern that the County is not doing enough to ensure safety at this very busy crosswalk. We will stay on this issue and provide more updates to the members.


Walking and Bike Path along Gulf Blvd.

As discussed in previous meetings this path has approximately 18 bumps or rises on it. They are mostly located where the asphalt in the path butts up to the cement driveways. When the cement expands in the hot summer months it pushes up against the asphalt and causes it to rise up.

We have reached out to Stephen Furman and he is reviewing the situation. His first initial response as he did not feel it warranted much attention.

We asked him to take another serious look since people have tripped and fallen as a result of these raised areas or bumps.


New Restrooms and Shower Facility

on Navarre Beach

Santa Rose County legal department is determining if county can “piggy back” off the current Genesis contract for the renovations of Navarre Park for the design and permitting of this facility.


Restroom on Fishing Pier

The restroom on the pier is the responsibility of the pier lessee.  County staff spoke with pier management last month.  Currently pier management is focused on the restaurant and infrastructure improvements on the pier and once they are completed with those items they will address the restroom.


Abandoned House on Gulf Blvd.

We have been working on the abandoned Turner house located at 7315 Gulf Blvd for over 10 years. It is the last house on the beach before you enter the National Seashore

Currently, the issue is deep in the hands of County officials.  This past week depositions from County officials were taken by Turners’ attorney. Once we learn of the outcome of these depositions we will share with the members.

Also, Sailwind Construction Company has been retained by the Turners to provide costs estimates on the renovation of this house and the yellow house next door which is owned by the Turners too.


Neighborhood Watch Program

Larry Hoffman, a Homeport resident, was stuck from behind by a car traveling westbound on White Sands as he was walking. While we believe the car was speeding we do not have any proof. The driver of the car was only cited with careless driving. To our knowledge there were no witnesses. Larry is recovering at home in a wheelchair.

Over the last 6 months Jerry Smith, another White Sands resident, has worked with the County to relocate several 25 MPH speed limit signs to more strategic locations and to install 2 new signs in hopes to cut down the number of speeders.  It does not appear to be enough to reduce the speeding issue on White Sands.

As a result, we are forming a Neighborhood Watch Program with the Santa Rosa County Sherriff’s’ Office. We have reached out to Sherriff Bob Johnson and have his full support. We are working with LT. Erlemann, District 4 LT, and SGT Rich Aloy to get the program up and running. The best news is that Ed DeCoste, a Whte Sands resident and former US Marshall, has agreed to chair this program.  Jerry Smith has joined the committee and Ed is looking for others. If you are interested please contact Peter.


Sponsorship of Tunes on the Dunes / NB Chamber of Commerce - Thursday, August 9, 2018.  NBLRA will be a sponsor and has allocated $500 for this event.  Please mark your calendars to attend this event. We are looking for volunteers to help with the 50/50 ticket sales with proceeds benefiting the Chamber of Commerce charitable programs  Contact Peter if you are interested in volunteering.


Thank you.


Beach Beautification Liaison Committee

Peter Birckhead, Chair

Gary Buroker, Member

Dave McPherson, Member

James Calkins, Member

Lisa Cichy, Adopt a Mile

Joni Johnson, Member

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Justine Ward, Chair, Welcoming Committee

Michelle Auwaerter, Co-Chair Welcoming Committee






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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566



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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566

Donate to the Beach Beautification Liaison Committee (BBLC)