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 August 19, 2017 Meeting

The August meeting of leaseholders and residents association met Saturday, August 19, 2017 at Juana’s.  The meeting was called to order at 10:02 a.m. by President, Gary Buroker.  The quorum was called and then it was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  There were 34 present at the meeting.


Approve Minutes - The July minutes were approved as written with no corrections or additions.


Treasurer’s Report – Kathy Boulton, Treasurer presented her report showing checking account balance of $16,439.97 of which $4,210.81 is BBLC Donations.  The money market balance is $11,643.13.  Reference Treasure report, dated August 14, 2017 for further details.


Fire Department Report – Chief Howard gave the monthly fire report as shown below.

60 Responses for the month of July 2017

47 In district responses


2-Brush Fires

3-Motor Vehicle Crashes

2-Agency Assist

5-Automatic Fire Alarms

7-Water Rescue (ski launched 2 times)

2-Fire Investigations

1-Public Assist

1-Structure Fire

1-Trash Fire

13-Auto/Mutual Aid Responses

7-Structure Fires

1-Brush Fire


2-LZ for Helicopter

Up 56 Responses from last year this time


Beach Fire - Chief Howard provided some details regarding the house fire on the beach.  There was $1 million worth of damages to the house. The fire department suffered a loss of $10k on equipment which insurance covered the loss.  Other fire departments assisted since they did not have enough resources in manpower or equipment to handle the size of the fire.  The fire was in the attic and was difficult to reach due to power lines etc.  To demonstrate how hot the fire was the Chief showed everyone the remains of a camera which is used to assist fire fighters to see through smoke.  The camera should be able to withstand heat of 1000 degrees but had basically melted.  Insurance did reimburse the fire department for the equipment losses.  Chief Howard thanked the leaseholders that assisted fire fighters during the fire by bringing them ice and water.  It was asked if the cause had been determined but the Chief stated it is still under investigation by more than one organization (e.g. insurance company etc).


Status on Fire Trucks – Fire department is spending 20k to get one of their trucks certified.  Until that truck gets certified they will be able to borrow a ladder truck from other fire departments.  Next year they will make a determination whether to buy a new truck or continue with current trucks.

• Funding – Question on whether there was any reimbursement for nonresident rescues.  Fire department charter is to rescue anyone in trouble and the County has not provided any reimbursement for a nonresident rescue.  Chief stated the County plans on adding additional reefs and the fire department does not have enough manpower or equipment for reef rescue.  Suggestion was made to request County for Bed tax funds to fund the fire department for this activity.

• Consolidation – No new information will be known until the current ongoing study has been completed.


BBLC Report - (Beach Beautification Liaison           Committee) - Peter Birckhead provided an update on        the following:


• US FLAGS BEING FLOWN 24/7 - The entrance signs to Navarre Beach at Highway 98 and Navarre Causeway and as you enter Navarre Beach from the National Seashore are now proudly flying the US Flag.  Thanks to the Jerry Smith, Navarre Beach Resident, for bringing up the idea!



o Renovation of Navarre Park – to include the Butterfly House, Kayak Launch, New Playground Equipment and enhanced water feature. UPDATE – CONSTRUCTION PLANS AND SCOPE OF WORK ARE STILL BEING FINALIZED.  A start date has not been determined.


• New Restrooms and Shower Facility on Navarre Beach - Santa Rosa County BOCC has set aside a total of $360,000 for the cost of a new stand along restroom and shower facility on Navarre Beach in the tentative FY18 LOST and TD budget. Plans call for this facility to be in the general vicinity of existing public pavilions current being used for picnics and other social gatherings on the beach. The funding of this new facility will be split between LOST Funds and Tourism Development Taxes. LOST Funds are funds from the ½ percent Local Option Sales Tax that was passed last year and became effective January 1, 2017.  Tourism Development Taxes are funds from the 5% bed tax that is imposed on all hotels, motels, rental condos, townhomes and private homes.


• Existing Restroom on pier near Lagerheads - The possible upgrade of the existing public restroom facility currently on the pier near Lagerheads Restaurant and Bar has been identified by the BOCC in a tentative FY19 LOST list which will not be considered for adoption until late 2017 early 2018.  Funding for this project could however be funded through the private sector based on the outcome of RFP’s that are being submitted for the leasing and operation of the pier concessions (restaurant, bar, fishing pier and pier store).


Final Budget decisions on these projects are effective after the final public hearing being held September 19.

o Fishing Pier Decking Material - $300,000 has been set aside in the FY 2018 budget for the replacement of fishing pier decking material. As I am sure many of you have noticed the fishing pier wooden planks you walk on are beginning to show significant wear.


•  Multi-Use Path Along Gulf Blvd. Improvements –various improvements will be considered for the multi-use walking and bike path along Gulf Blvd including water fountains for people and dogs.  UPDATE – according to Commissioner Rob Williamson and as of January 23, 2017, “We do not have a timeline for when striping of the multi use path, irrigation or when other improvements would begin” There is no further update on this project at this time.


o Possible restroom on half down Fishing Pier – according to Tony Gomillion, SRC Administrator in an email to me July 27, 2017 “Our staff will be at a Cabinet meeting with the Governor’s Cabinet office around the 9th of August.  The discussion is related to an amendment or variance to the current prohibition as interpreted by DEP that if approved will allow us to have a restroom on the pier. "



Lynn Steinhilber, Lisa Cichy and I continue to monitor the island looking for trash, debris and anything that looks out of place.

Should you come across any of this while you are out and about on the island please let me know so it can be dealt with right away.

If you are interested in serving on this committee please let Peter know. We can always use extra help.



•  Michelle Auwaerter and Justine Ward continue to do a great job growing our membership. If you are interesting in helping them out please let Peter know.


Looking for a way to donate to Beach Beautification Liaison Committee and the Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residence association? Here is another way you can help make Navarre Beach be the Best It Can Be!


We have 4 inch by 4 inch, 4 inch by 8 inch and 6 inch by 8 inch engraved plaques available to be placed on the Donors Recognition Arch at the east end entrance to the walking/biking path and just behind the Tom Thumb. You can dedicate your plaque to a loved one or a friend. Or perhaps list your own name or family or even your organization can be recognized.


4” by 4” plaques are $250, 4” by 8” plaques are $500 and 6” by 8” plaques are $1000.


Your donations are used to help maintain our palm islands and doggie pots along Gulf and White Sands Blvd and provide needed funds for seasonal decorations during holiday periods.



o Landscaping - In a BOCC meeting scheduled for August 7, 2017 bids for a new landscaping contract for the Tourism Corridor, which includes Navarre Beach, will be reviewed and a new contract will be awarded. Hopefully this will improve the overall landscaping of Navarre Beach and the planting of flowers around the Navarre Beach Entrance sign at Highway 98 and Navarre Causeway.


• Abandoned House on West End of Island (7315 Gulf Blvd.) - The Turners (owners of 7315 Gulf Blvd) are set to appear in Court on August 23, 2017 at the Milton County Court House to answer a complaint filed by Santa Rosa County alleging their property is out of compliance with their lease. The official language reads:

“Pursuant to the terms of the lease defendants are in violation of the covenants and restrictions by failing to maintain the demised premises in good repair, properly painted and clean and sanitary, creating a nuisance”

o Former Rocco’s Restaurant - Broussard (Cajun Food) has an agreement to occupy the former Rocco’s restaurant. Broussard has a restaurant behind Mc Quires in Pensacola and have been in business in New Orleans for over 75 years. They plan to be open by Labor Day.


• TUNES ON THE DUNES – NBLRA worked the August 19th  event.  We sold $1000 of 50/50 tickets which set the record for highest sales.  Anna Romero who is a leaseholder won and she donated the money back to the Chamber.  Peter thanked Anna for her generosity.

There was a question on who is responsible for smoothing the sand and enforcing the pickup of trash, chairs and tents. Terry Wallace is the point of contact for smoothing/raking the sand.  Peter stated he would follow-up with Terry Wallace about the sand smoothing/raking.


Fee Simple Update – The Bill has passed the House and is currently in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources subcommittee.  The Department of Interior supported the Bill.  The Senate currently is not in session but should be back in session sometime in September.  Gaetz has been very involved with this Bill and is tracking its progress.  At this point there is no action for leaseholders. The President will keep us informed if our involvement is needed.


Mobile Food Vendors on Navarre Beach – Councilman Williamson has requested the leaseholders position on Mobile Vendors.  There was some questions regarding what type of mobile vendors are we discussing.  There are some mobile vendors that sell food one day a week from a community parking lot.  The President stated is would be applicable to more permanent mobile vendors.  He posed a proposition that a mobile food vendor must meet these three requirements:

1. Be located on commercial property

2. Be zoned correctly and

3. Meet County and Hurricane Building Codes.

The above requirements would limit the number of vendors because there is limited commercial property on the island.  The proposition was seconded and passed by the majority in attendance.


2018 Board Member Elections – An email will be sent to all NBLRA members to enlist anyone interested in running for a Board position (President, Vice-President, Treasurer or Secretary).  Responses will need to be returned sometime in September.  The e-mail will provide the exact date of when responses are due.


General Discussion – It was reported by one of the leaseholders that the pump to water the palm trees is no longer working.


This concluded the meeting which was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


Respectively Submitted by,

Michelle Auwaerter



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 September 16

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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566


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September 16

 October 21 • November 18

All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566


and receive FREE Membership to NBLRA (spouses or individual)

(New Navarre Press subscribers and new NBLRA members only.)