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NBLRA Minutes

March 17, 2018  Meeting

The March meeting of leaseholders and residents association met Saturday, March 17, 2018 at Juana’s.  The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Vice-President, Gary Buroker.  The quorum was called and then it was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  There were 58 present at the meeting.


Approve Minutes – The February minutes were approved.  However, after the minutes were approved Fire Chief Danny Fureigh had a few corrections to the February minutes as follows:


The February minutes stated:

The County Commissioners is requesting a study be done before they will support the $400/year increase for the Navarre Beach Fire Department.  Taxpayers would pay for the study.  The NB Fire Department has raised and lowered rates for the last 27 years and always received support from the county until this year.  The study is estimated to cost between $25,000-30,000 based on the HBTS study in 2016.  They would like the study completed by the end of the year so it can be added to next year’s tax bill.  The reason for this request in tax dollars is for a much needed ladder truck, as well as salary and benefits to the staff.


Correction:  The increase is not for and Salaries or benefits to employees. It is for station repairs and necessary equipment and the Ladder truck.


The February minutes stated:

Q. We are a private Fire Department, why can’t we just charge each leaseholder an extra fee? Can we do donations?

A. Peter said we can, but we don’t need to go there just yet.

The Fire Chief stated they are trying to become a “special district” and looking into how we go about doing that.  We would have to go through Tallahassee to push it through legislation.  The process takes a while but the department is hopeful.


Correction:  February minutes stated that fire department is looking at becoming a Special Fire District and that is not the case currently. It was mentioned as a possible option in the future. Fire Department is currently part of the South Santa Rosa County Fire and Rescue consolidation study so it needs to support that and review the results of the study when it is complete.


Treasurer’s Report – Kathy Boulton, Treasurer presented her report as of March 13, 2018.  The current checking account balance is $19,257.21 of which $4,377.12 is BBLC Donations.  The money market balance is $11,730.83.  Reference Treasure report, dated March 13, 2018 for further details.

Thank You Letter for Donation to Black Hawk Memorial – Kathy Boulton informed everyone that NBLRA received a Thank You letter from the Leadership Santa Rosa Class 29 for NBLRA monetary contribution made in 2016 to the memorial.  A picture of the Black Hawk accompanied the Thank You letter.  Kathy stated that everyone was welcome to view the picture and letter.


Guest Speaker: Jonathan Cole, with Growing Santa Rosa Enterprise - Growing Santa Rosa is made up of five local business owners: Jessica Schelfhout, owner of MagnaLead Professional Development; Larry and Jerry Rolison, owners of Ye Olde Brothers Brewery; Ken Fountain of Fountain, Schultz & Associates P.L.; and Jonathan Cole, a sales executive.  Jonathan Cole was the speaker at the NBLRA meeting.  He stated they want the pier to be a place for locals and tourists.  He invited everyone to visit the restaurant Windjammers and the gift shop Sand Dollars and provide any feedback on things they would  like added.  The Windjammers menu is evolving.  There are plans to have fishing coaches on the pier.  There were questions on whether the beer choices will be expanded.  The owners are planning to expand the beer choices to some of the brands offered at Ye Old Brewery but there is a process they must go through.  However, there should be some new beers offered in the near future.  Also, the night movies will continue and will begin in June.


Fire Department Report –Chief Danny Fureigh stated he had corrections to the February minutes which are noted above under Approve Minutes.  He announced that Kenny Taylor will be retiring after 13 years of service.  Leaseholders are invited to the retirement party.  Jack Naquin was hired as a new firefighter and is assigned to A shift.  The landscaping is complete at the station and the Chief thanked the leaseholders for their donation.  There was an extrication demonstration held on March 8th at 1pm. They used a new state of the art battery powered “Jaws of life and performed dash rolls, cutting doors and roofs and other extrication methods and techniques.  He also informed the leaseholders that a new Ladder trick was ordered.  He then followed with the fire report for February as shown below.

42 calls for service.

27 were in district and 15 out of district

 6 Structure Fires

 1 Water Rescues

 1 Trash Fire – rubbish fire

 1 Brush fire

16 Meidcals

10 Fire Alarms

 1 Car Fire

 2 MVA

 1 Elevator Rescue

 3 Service Calls

Community Outreach Committee Update – Mirta Schroeder provided the Community Outreach Report for March.  She covered three programs as follows:


1. Food for Vets – Organization founded by Kate Mayor.  The purpose of the organization is to provide essentials to in need Honorably Discharged Veterans and active military.  We can donate non-perishable food including pet food as well as personal hygiene items.  Volunteers are needed every third Saturday of each month from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Hours may vary due to weather. Duties include greeting veterans, bagging food and loading vehicles.

2. Navarre High School – Beach Clean-up Service – Mirta contacted Navarre High School Principal to see if student volunteers could be expanded to all students.  Supervisors are needed during the summer months from 3pm-5pm.  Anyone interested in supervising the student volunteers should contact Mirta.

3. Easter Sunrise Service – Community wide Sunrise Service will be help on Sunday, April 1st from 6 a.m.-7 a.m. in the Pier parking lot.

Reference attached file for the report.  Community Outreach Report - 03-2018.pdf


Legislative Update:

Fee Simple -   Gary talked to Senator Nelson’s office.  There will be no effort to push the Legislation through this year.  There will be upcoming elections for the House of Representatives and Senate positions. The Simple Fee legislation will have to start from scratch in 2019 after the elections.  This will give the Legislators more time to spend on the clarity of the language in the Bill and to clearly convey the intent of the Bill to the public.

Request Association’s Position on Drilling for Oil in the Gulf – Gary wanted to obtain the Leaseholders position on oil drilling for oil in the Gulf in case County request it.  There was discussion on the pros and cons of having a neutral position versus taking a position.  However, after some discussion one of the members put forth a motion that the NBLRA would not support drilling for oil in the Gulf.  The motion was seconded and then voted on.  The motion passed.

Sound Clean-up – Update – In July 2016, Santa Rosa County BOCC authorized directing the county’s full spill impact component allocation (approximately $12.6 million) toward the Santa Rosa Sound Water Quality Improvement Program, and in February 2017 identified septic to sewer conversion along Soundside Drive (Soundside B) as the priority project. The program also includes septic-to-sewer conversion in Holley by the Sea and the Navarre Beach Wastewater Treatment Facility effluent relocation and reuse project. The draft SEP includes a sequencing and implementation strategy which depicts expected annual allocations for each county over the 15-year payout and indicates Santa Rosa County can expect full funding for the priority project, Soundside B septic-to-sewer conversion, within the first three years of funding. The County is considering two options.

1. Pipe waste water to the Sound side or

2. Combine/Sell Navarre (count) Water Department to Holly-Navarre Water.

Timeline/Next Steps

• Public comments were accepted through March 1st

• After public comments have been addressed, SEP will be forwarded to the Governor and the Restoration Council for approval

• Consortium manager estimates that first project grant application could be approved by FY 2019

Reference https://www.santarosa.fl.gov/agendas/backupdocs/Backup-6359-1.pdf for more detail.


Beach Beautification Liaison Committee    (BBLC) Update

Gulf Blvd Irrigation Update – The cost of waste water reuse on Navarre Beach is projected to be $1.5 million. This project is unlikely to move forward because the projected cost is not economically favorable.  Someone asked how much it would cost to irrigate but that was not known.  However, to irrigate the area is expected to be as costly as the waste water reuse estimate.  Someone inquired whether the bed tax money could be used for the project.  Based on Florida State law this project would be classified as part of the infrastructure which is an unallowable use of Bed Tax money.  Another alternative is there may be some kind of Grant money available but that would need to be determined.  Reference https://www.santarosa.fl.gov/agendas/backupdocs/Backup-6484-1.pdf  for further detail.


Update Trash Bags at Lifeguard Stands –In the past, trash bags were available at Lifeguard stands but there was no noticeable difference so will not pursue this idea.

Meeting Changes – Reminders:

• April 21st meeting at the Fire Station, Pancake Breakfast before meeting

• June meeting date changed to June 23rd

General Discussion –

1. Suggestion for County to hire people to clean-up beach.  NBLRA will ask County about the possibility.

2. Crosswalks/Bike Trail Dangerous – Lighting is not good at night along Bike trail and cross walks making it dangerous.  Also, bike path has places that are not even and could cause accidents.  Gary requested the member to provide him with the locations of the danger points (not even) along the bike path and then he would discuss with the County.

3. Alt Highway 98.  Mr. Babiak explained that the FDOT plans call for interchanges at State Road 87 and at the Navarre Beach Causeway where traffic will proceed on an elevated roadway. Access to State Road 87, the causeway and local businesses and residential properties will be through use of one-way frontage roads next to each side of U.S. 98. The FDOT plans will harm current businesses on U.S. 98 when the roads are widened.  There are other alternatives that could resolve the issue without causing harm to the current businesses on U.S. 98.  Mr. Babiak, is advocating for two routes: maintaining the current U.S. 98 while adding an alternate route on the north side of Navarre and separating through traffic from local traffic.  Another item discussed is this alternative should be completed in 5 years versus the 10 years that currently is proposed by FDOT.  Mr. Babiak’s seeks NBLRA members support for the proposed alternative 98 highway.

4. Suggestion from one member for any position that represents NBLRA at the County, State or Federal level have a full discussion of the pros and cons with all members before a NBLRA position is presented to any Government official.

5. Floating Structure in the Bay at Juana’s – The floating structure was intended for Crab Island but currently not able to relocate to that location.  Owners of the floating structure have filed with DEP to park the structure where it is currently located.  Members are encouraged to email all County commissioners if they would like it removed.

This concluded the meeting which was adjourned at 11:15 a.m.


Respectively Submitted by,

Michelle Auwaerter


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 April 21 Navarre Beach Fire House

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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566



April 21 Navarre Beach Fire House

June 23 • July 21• August 18

September15 • October 20

November 20

All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566