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NBLRA Minutes

July 21, 2018   Meeting

The July meeting of leaseholders and residents association met Saturday, July 21, 2018 at Juana’s.  The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by President Peter Birckhead.  The quorum was called and then it was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  There were 43 present at the meeting.


Approve Minutes – The June minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Kathy Boulton, Treasurer presented her report as of July 16, 2018.  The current checking account balance is $21,638.19 of which $7,069.01 is BBLC Donations.  The money market balance is $11,760.43.  The treasure report was approved.  Reference Treasure report, dated July 16, 2018 for further details.


Fire Department Report – Chief Danny provided the June fire report.  There were 57 calls in June.  June was the busiest month this year.


Other items highlighted as follows:

• Met with Sandi Walker with MSBU study group GSG.

• Ordered new throw ring for Pier.

• 2007 Ford repaired, battery draw due to bad instrument cluster.

• Attended IAFC Chiefs conference in Las Vegas (won scholarship).

• Met with Dan Schebler, Terry Wallace and Roger Blalock on Beach Safety Proposal.

• Hosted 5th annual Allen Acree Celebration.

• Developed and implemented Employee Evals.

• Hosted White Sands Community Watch meeting.

• Scheduled repair of backflow due to freeze.

• Had station treated for Termite infestation.  The Company who recently installed foam replaced the damaged foam for free.

• Attended NBLRA meeting and discussed MSBU study.

• Held Captains meeting.

• Met with Dr. Landry on providing next level EMT care.

• Station generator refurbished C Shift.

• Gulf Power bill down an average of $57 due to new


• LZ training with Shands Cair, Lifeguards and Sheriffs office

• Created recall list at dispatch for large scale events

• Contacted Chief at Hulburt to set up live fire training.

• Crews attended Tunes on the Dunes.

• A-Shift provided labor for “Homes for Heroes”.

• A Shift stood by 2 times for Autism Surfs.

• Beach Safety Proposal – Met with County for approval.  County kept staffing the same but they will spread out the lifeguards along the beach.  There will be a position for a Safety Beach Director.  It was brought to the attention of the Chief that beach flags have been stolen and if there was a process to get them replaced.  If flags need to be replaced, we should contact the Fire Department. Also, it was suggested that flags be posted earlier.  Currently, flags are posted by 10:00 a.m.


• Lifesaving Award – Brenda Stokes was presented the Lifesaving Award and a coin for saving a man’s life.  A man and his daughter were caught in the rip tides.  Brenda was surfing and saw they were in danger.  She was able to rescue the man while the rescue team retrieved the little girl.  Brenda emphasized that it is important to have a floating device on when in the water because you can easily get caught up in the rip tides.


• Fire MSBU – Mr. Lewis informed there will be a rate increase.  The rate increase will cover a 5 year plan. BOCC approved the following:

n Residential – Will go from $350/ year to $ 500/year.

n Non Residential – The rate for commercial property will be 41 cents/square foot.

n Vacant lot – Will go from $50/year to $61/year.

The Final rate will be approved at August 29th BOCC meeting.


Legislative Update -

• Navarre Master Plan Update – Public input meeting held on June 11. The results of which will be shared on August 9 at 6pm at Tiger Point Recreation Center. This is the same night as the NBLRA sponsorship of Tunes on the Dunes.

All of these meetings have advanced written material/presentations and are videoed for later review.  As it stands now here are the current recommendations for Navarre Beach:

• The 51+ acres is zoned as Entertainment Land Use. The intent of this district is to provide opportunities for clustered entertainment related uses to create a destination or hub that can be appreciated as a pedestrian experience. Uses within this district include attractions such as, open-air markets; boutique restaurants, eateries and hotels; bars; breweries and distilleries; and cinemas.

The location of the future Discovery Center will be on the 12 acre parcel of ground just east of the water plant.

The two vacant areas on the Sound side of the island were designated Medium Density Residential land use. Feedback from Public Open House #2 is that these areas should be maintained as Conservation. They will be re-designated as Open Space for Preservation.

Gary Buroker showed attendees of the meeting where these various locations are on the map of Navarre Beach.  In an effort to help ensure the land on the north side of White Sands Blvd currently set aside for Preservation and Conservation is not commercially or residentially developed but instead developed for the recreational use and enjoyment by the general public, Peter Birckhead made the following motion to be forwarded to SRC officials currently involved with the District 4 Master Plan update:



The Navarre Beach Leaseholders and Residents Association requests the BOCC to move forward with the development of a Natural Resource Preserve and Family Recreation Area to be located on the 51+ acre of land adjacent to the west of Homeport set side in the original Master Plan for District 4. The plan is for the County to develop access ways, parking, picnic facilities, restrooms, and a walkover and observation area. We also requests the funding for this project come from bed taxes collected on Navarre Beach and not any sort of MSBU.

The motion was seconded and carried unanimously.


• Highway 98 Expansion – Gary informed the leaseholders that the Navarre Beach Chamber of Commerce would likely support the expansion to 6 lanes to Mary Esther but not likely to support elevated lanes.  The Chamber has not provided any official position yet.  The next meeting regarding Highway 98 is scheduled in October.  Mr. Phil Babiak passed out a handout to the leaseholders that included a review of Regional Transportation issues written by the Transportation Committee and a Letter from the Chamber of Commerce to Col. James Shambo.  Reference Handout 1.

• Public transit / trolley to the beach access points along Gulf Blvd. from the US 98 / SR 87 urban core.  A Causeway at SR 87 to beach is in the State’s 20 year plan.

• A Traffic roundabout at the causeway and Gulf Blvd intersection.  Enhancements to the existing multiuse path on the north side of Gulf Blvd.

Peter reviewed the following important dates coming up with the further development of the Master Plan.

• August 9 – Review of public input with BOCC at Tiger Point Community Center at 6 PM.

• Oct 11 - Zoning Board Meeting to review draft of master plan and seeking a recommendation for adoption by the BOCC.  Time and Location of meeting not set at this time.

• November 5 presentation before the BOCC for the final master plan recommendations.


• 501 (c) 3 Opportunity – Peter presented the need to convert the legal entity of the NBLRA into a 501 (c)3. The main reason cited is that donations made by individual will be tax deductible. In seeking grants from foundations and individuals for the irrigation of Gulf Blvd a tax deduction for donor will be necessary.  Peter and Justine Ward are working to get this done and estimate the cost to NBLRA to be approximately $2500. Peter is not seeking approval for this money yet. He is just working through the details to understand how to get it done. Once approval is given for the Gulf Blvd project and the County provides some level of funding, then Peter would like to seek approval from the membership to move forward to converting NBLRA into a 501 (c)3 entity.


Beach Beautification Liaison Committee Update –

• Fishing Pier Decking Material –A scoping fee proposal is in negotiation with a consultant for pier deck board replacements to be approved by the board.

• Renovation of Navarre Park – Genesis Engineering is under design. Please note, design at this high level of detail is a lengthy, months-long process.

• Restroom on Fishing Pier – The vendor has to complete required improvement by December 31, 2018.

• Multi-Use Path Along Gulf Blvd. Improvements – New sidewalk along White Sands Blvd.   We have requested that this be changed to a multi use path on White Sands.

• Peter provided an update on the irrigation of Gulf Blvd from the Tom Thumb to the National Seashore. He is working with two landscaping companies to secure bids for both irrigation and initial landscaping. At this time rough estimates indicate approximately $250,000 for irrigation costs and $450,000 for initial landscaping. Peter is going to put together a power point and present to the Board of County Commissioners in the next several months.  Once approval is granted by the County, Peter will seek funding.


Neighborhood Watch Update – Robin Otto informed the leaseholders that the neighborhood watch has developed a mission statement.  The organization is focused on safety but also getting to know your neighbor/community.  It is a hybrid group which includes police, citizens and the fire department. Robin provided some information on the Nextdoor App.  She encouraged the Leaseholders to try the App.  The App is designed to help with crime prevention and a tool to get to know your community.  It provides detailed alerts on things that are going on in the neighborhood. You can also adjust the settings to get rid of the advertisement.  If anyone needs assistance with the App you may text Robin at 703-554-5055.

Community Outreach – Mirta informed everyone that the Navarre Beach Fire Station will be providing a CPR training class on August 7th.  Additionally, the YMCA and American Legion Post 382 are collecting donations for school supplies.  Reference Handout 2 for further details.


Meet Your Neighbor:  – Courtland Gray introduced Moria Conley & Caroline Stahala who were guest speakers from the Florida Audubon Society.

Caroline educated the leaseholders on birds currently nesting in the Navarre beach area as follows.

Least Tern - About 350 pairs were censused colonies this year, but colonies move frequently and are hard to locate. In addition, Least Terns now nest readily on flat, gravel-covered rooftops, where they may avoid detection by surveyors. Highly vulnerable to disturbance by humans and pets, Least Terns are listed as Threatened by the Wildlife Commission.

Black Skimmer - About 1000 pairs nested in west-central coastal Florida, about 50% of the state population. Ground nesters at the high tide line on beaches, skimmers are very vulnerable to loss of eggs and young from storms, high tides, and human disturbance.

Snowy Plover - This plover only nests on white sandy barrier beaches, near passes and intertidal sand flats, where it is highly vulnerable to human disturbance. With no more than 10 pairs estimated for Florida’s west central coast, this species is near to local extinction.

Three primary threats to nests: (1) weather, (2) Hurricanes and 3) Predators – Sea gulls, coyotes, feral cats/dogs, humans.

Stewardship Program – Anyone interesting in babysitting nests or making sure posting is visible can contact Audubon Society at fl.audubon.org to join.


General Discussion – NBLRA is sponsoring the August 9th Tunes on the Dunes.  Everyone is encouraged to attend and buy 50/50 tickets.

This concluded the meeting which was adjourned at 11:36 a.m.


Respectively Submitted by,

Michelle Auwaerter


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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

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