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NBLRA Minutes

May 19, 2018  Meeting

The May meeting of leaseholders and residents association met Saturday, May 19, 2018 at Juana’s.  The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Vice-President, Gary Buroker.  The quorum was called and then it was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  There were 37 present at the meeting.


Approve Minutes – The April minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Kathy Boulton, Treasurer presented her report as of May 14, 2018.  The current checking account balance is $21,255.04 of which $5,819.01 is BBLC Donations.  The money market balance is $11,730.83.  The treasure report was approved.  Reference Treasure report, dated May 14, 2018 for further details.


Fire Department Report –

Chief Danny provided the April fire report as shown below.

• Insulated underneath station living area with spray foam.

• Hosted Kenny Taylor retirement party.  He served 13 years

• Installed insulation above drop ceiling.

• Presented Citizens Lifesaving Award to Alexander Julio at NBLRA April meeting.

• Hosted pancake breakfast for NBLRA.

• Met with GSG on MSBU study.

• Donated new sign above entrance to station.

• Met with Tom Lloyd and requested notification of any 5k or other venues on Beach.

• Verified every business on Navarre Beach with address and SQFT and forwarded to GSG.

• Tested all fire hoses and they passed.

• Raised over $3000 for autism awareness firemen’s’ challenge.

• Participated in monthly Turtle Conservation beach cleanup.

• Participated in annual Autism Odyssey at Marine Science Center.

• Contacted Compass Solar for presentation.

36 calls for service.  24 were in district and 12 out of district

Action taken other    3

Extinguishment by fire service personnel  1

Salvage & Overhaul    1

Search     2

Rescue, Remove from harm   2

Extricate, Disentangle    1

Emergency medical services, other   1

Provide first aid & check for injuries   6

Provide Basic Life Support (BLS)   3

Shut down system    1

Assistance, other     1

Assist physically disabled    1

Provide Manpower    1

Investigate     4

Standby     1

Cancelled en route    7

Total  36


• Update on Consolidation of Fire Departments – The Feasibility study on the consolidation of Holley-Navarre, Midway and Navarre Beach fire departments into one fire department should have findings available within the next few months.

• Increase of MSBU: County requested a MSBU assessment, rate study.  Chief Danny met with GSG.  The fire department verified the square feet of every business on Navarre Beach and forwarded the information to GSG.  The Chief expects the results of the study will be favorable to the fire department.

• Navarre Beach Fire Department Exploring possibility to move Lifeguard Duties under the Fire Department – Chief stated they are discussing this possibility with County officials. This proposal would not be a part of the MSBU tax.  It would be totally separate.  If the Lifeguards are moved under the fire department there will be expansion of lifeguards.  Currently there are no lifeguard towers west of the pier and they are looking to add four towers.  Last tower would be at the Marriot.  There would be roving patrols for the remainder of the beach.  Also hours would be extended to 6:00 p.m. or later since drownings have historically occurred after 5:00 p.m.  Current lifeguard hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The lifeguard training would benefit by having access to the Fire department’s experience.

Legislative Update:

• Cleanup Sound – The plan to move effluent water from island to mainland is getting closer.  The County has planned to use 200 acres of Eglin AFB for disposal of the effluent water.  Air Force engineers inspected the 200 acres site and the Air Force’s report on the property’s value and the environmental conditions for spraying there is expected by the end of May.  A lease offer will be made to the utility after first being reviewed by county officials.  Holley Navarre Water System (HNWS) wants to purchase Navarre Beach Water System (on the island) so that the pipeline would originate on the island, run under Santa Rosa Sound and eventually carry all effluent from the combined utilities to the base. There are other options that HNWS is considering and they would have to agree to send the wastewater to Eglin.

• Master Plan – Santa Rosa County is conducting a second District 4 Master Plan Public Open House.  The purpose of this meeting is to review land use alternatives using input collected from the first meeting.  The meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 11, 2018.  It will be held between 5:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. at the Navarre High School Cafeteria.  Please plan on attending this meeting. It is important we provide our input.

• Navarre Community Access Road – Santa Rosa County and Volkert in coordination with FDOT has started a feasibility study for the Navarre community access road.  Over the next few weeks Navarre residents may notice traffic loops being installed or inspections of the roads within the project area.

Beach Beautification Liaison Committee    (BBLC) Update:  Gary provided the following update for Peter:

• Crosswalk on Gulf Blvd in front of the Navarre Fishing Pier Parking Lot – Stephen Turner, Director of Public Works is unwilling to do anymore than what has already been done.  There are still issues with the crosswalk such as blinking lights that do not blink and speed bumps that are breaking off.  Peter has expressed his concerns to Stephen but currently the County will not be doing anything else at this time.

• Gulf Blvd Irrigation - Peter will be meeting with Melvin Consulting Engineers on May 24th   to go over options.

• Walking and Bike Path along Gulf Blvd. - The approximate 18 bumps or rises on the walk path have been removed.

• Abandoned House (Tuner and Yellow House) on Gulf Blvd. - Electric and access have been added to both houses.  Contractor provided bids to restore brick house and yellow house next door.  Both houses are owned by the Turners.

• Neighborhood Watch Program - Ed DeCoste has assembled his committee and the first meeting is set for May 23rd.  There will be four representatives from the Sheriff’s department.  Volunteers are still needed so if you are interested please contact Peter.

• Sponsorship of Tunes on the Dunes / NB Chamber of Commerce - Thursday, August 9, 2018.  Please mark your calendars to attend this event. We are looking for volunteers to help with the 50/50 ticket sales with proceeds benefiting the Chamber of Commerce charitable programs.  Contact Peter if you are interested in volunteering.

• Community Outreach Committee Update – No report since Mirta Schroeder was out of town.

Month’s Guest Speaker: Gary & Nanci Agee, Century 21 Island Realty - A Real Estate Update Regarding the Island

Gary Buroker introduced Gary and Nanci Agee from Century 21 Island Realty. Nanci Agee discussed the state of the real estate market on the island.  She stated that consumer confidence is high and the global economy is strong.  Although there are more people moving to the island that are year-round residents, it is still primarily an investor driven market on the island.  She provided the following statistics:

Currently on the Market

Description/Active Pending

Condo  39/14

Townhomes 10/2

Homes  19/2

Lots  23/4


Sold Since January

Description Number of Units Sold

Condo  137

Townhomes  35

Homes  49

Lots   47


More homes have been built since the Agee’s have lived here.  The reason we are seeing homes being built on lots is because of the type of financing is construction loans.  Values on the island have been increasing.  Nanci provided some insight on understanding how price is determined.  It is important to understand the difference between Zillow’s estimates (Zestimate) versus an appraisers value estimate.

Zestimate is estimated markvalue, computed using an algorithm.  It is not an appraisal.  It is calculated from public and user submitted data, taking to account location and market conditions.

Appraisals look at comparable homes sold locally and then credit/debit for age, upgrades, garage, number of rooms, location, and amenities.

Most important number is comparable units sold.

Nanci also pointed out that there will be differences in price per square foot.  Lot sizes will vary.  Smaller homes will have a higher Price/square foot than a larger house.  It is best to use a realtor that knows the local market.

Also, because we have leasehold property she recommended for buyers to use a local lender who understands leaseholds.

She informed us that flood insurance can transfer so it is good to use a realtor who is familiar with this process.  It will grandfather in the price for the buyers.

Newsletter – Nanci publishes a monthly listing of what has sold that month and gone under contract.  It is good for us to know what is happening in the market on the island.  If anyone is interested, let Nanci know and she will put you on her distribution list.


Meeting Changes – Reminders:

• June meeting date changed to June 23rd.


General Discussion – None

This concluded the meeting which was adjourned at 10:47 a.m.

Respectively Submitted by,

Michelle Auwaerter


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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566



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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

PO Box 5003 • Navarre Beach, Fl 32566