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NBLRA Minutes

June 15, 2019 Meeting

The June meeting of leaseholders and residents association met Saturday, June 15, 2019 at Juana’s.  The meeting was called to order at 10:03a.m. by Vice-President, Gary Buroker.  The quorum was called and then it was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  We observed a moment of silence which was then followed with Gary welcoming new members and guests to the meeting.  There were 19 present at the meeting.


Approve Minutes –

The May minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Kathy Boulton, Treasurer presented her report as of June 10, 2019.  Total donations collected were $230.00 of which BBLC Donations were $30.00.  Total disbursements were $5,000.00 that went to the Fire Department for the Lucas machine.  The current checking account balance is $18,284.49 of which $7,511.74 is BBLC Donations.  The money market balance is $11,878.63.  Total Assets are $30,163.12.  There were 267 paid members. The treasure report was approved.  Reference Treasure report, dated June 10, 2019 for further details.


Navarre Beach Fire Rescue Report – The May fire report was presented.  There were 66 calls in May.  There were 35 calls in May 2018.  The main items in May are as follows:

• Received and deposited $500 from old Seadoo

• Sent ladder 49 to Milton to hold flag for end of Ruck March

• Meeting with Dave Norton on budget status

• Purchased new printer/copier/fax

• Received grant from Division of Forestry for $20,975

• Conference call with Emergency Management on Hurricane prep

• Ordered and received new ATV for Beach Safety

• Received 2 quotes on addition

• Renewed wind insurance up $200 annual due to Hurricane Michael

• New tires on Chief Truck

• Met with Brent and Georgie to gather documents for attempt to get money back from Texas Construction

• Ordered new red shirts for BOD

• Received $1100 donation for an additional rescue board for beach safety

• Site visit for recent jobs done by H&R construction

• Attended PR event at City of Pensacola Fire Department with Jimmy Patronis on new Firefighter cancer bill

• 2012 waverunner repaired (electrical issue)

• Deposit to H&R construction of $15,000 for plans, permits

• BOCC meeting on Special Fire District

• Met with Dan Schebler (John Lewis, Austin Turnbull) on 2020 Lifeguard budget

• Received EMS grant from Florida Department of health for $15,278.90 to purchase Lucas

• Received $5,000 from NBLRA for Lucas purchase

• Inspected beach house for possible Beach Safety house

• Ordered Lucas device

• Ordered POD to store equipment while construction is underway


A demonstration of how the LUCAS machine works was provided to the Leaseholders.  The LUCAS machine is a mechanical chest compression device.  The LUCAS machine is reported to be 40 percent more efficient than standard CPR.  The Lifeguards are trained on how to use the LUCAS machine.  NBLRA made a donation of $5,000 to the Fire department towards the purchase of the LUCAS machine.


John Lewis requested that the NBLRA support the referendum of the Navarre Beach Fire Department becoming a Special Fire District.  They are working to get this out to the voters in a special election scheduled for August 27th.  Dan stated he would write up the pros and cons of the referendum and get it published in the July Navarre Beach Newsletter so the leaseholder would have some information on the referendum before the special election.


Legislative Update –

• Update on TDC benches – Contact was made with the owners of the benches and one trash can to seek approval to relocate them to a different location.  Approval was granted so TDC has the green light to move forward with the Gulf Blvd improvements.

• What is being done to improve traffic on NB on weekends – Memorial weekend was an example of how congested it can get on Navarre beach where it can take a couple of hours to get off the beach.  Gary contacted the County (Glen Bailey) to find out the traffic light settings for getting off the beach.  Mr. Bailey informed Gary in an email that there is a multitude of signal timings/settings depending on the season, time of weekday (am, pm, after hours).  The traffic lights were set to peak season setting on June 1st.  This setting gives the traffic leaving the beach approximately 20% more time depending on the time of day.  There is a new study/timing effort scheduled for the latter part of the year to review, update and improve the signal coordination along Hwy 98 from Gulf Breeze to Okaloosa County Line.  Some options discussed to help the NB traffic issue were as follows:

n Hire an off duty policeman to direct traffic on the weekends.  Estimated cost for the summer was $3,000 assuming $30/hour for about 6 hours.

n Traffic Light – Commissioner Piech stated the County is looking at installing a traffic light at the Tom Thumb intersection but this would not be completed this summer so is a long term solution.

n Roundabout – Put a roundabout at the intersection of Tom Thumb.  This is a long term solution and there would need to be a decision on how to fund.  Choices are MSBU, Gas tax, Sales tax.  TDC money was discussed but that would need some research to know if it was a legal use of that money. There was discussion on having a one-time MSBU charge of $100.  However, there was mixed feelings on MSBU charge since this was state and county roads so it was questioned whether it is fair for the Leaseholders to be the ones to solely fund the roundabout.


Beach Beautification Liaison Committee Update –

• Volunteers were requested for setting up the flags in the Entryway to the beach for July 4th.  Courland and Jerry volunteered.

• Volunteers also requested to sell 50/50 tickets on July 18th concert on the beach.

• All Public Works-related projects – All projects have been completed.  The Gulf Islands National Seashore has been installed.  Commissioner Piech stated the County will coordinate with the Department of Interior to see if they can improve the look of how the sign is mounted (e.g. something better than 4x4).

• Renovation of Navarre Park – Bids will be opened July 11th and presented to the BOCC July 25th.  Commissioner Piech stated they had to rebid because there were no bids in the previous request.

• Restroom on Fishing Pier – A six-month extension granted to pier management.  Commissioner Piech stated the trailer with the restrooms has been delivered.  The issue is whether the pier can support the weight.  They are working on what needs to be done to the pier to support the weight of the trailer.  Once that is resolved the restrooms will be installed.

• Gulfside and Soundside NRDA Improvements to Navarre Beach Marine Park - Project will be substantially completed by June 20th.  Commissioner Piech stated the ribbon cutting date is June 25th at 10:00 a.m. and invited everyone to attend.

• Tuner House – Terry Pierman has taken over the lead on this issue for the leaseholders.  Currently waiting to get it before the judge.  Attorney for the Turner’s is an expert on stall tactics.  Commissioner Piech stated that the Turner house is currently up to County code so this makes the case difficult.  The County needs to write new land use code that would make it easier for the County to take back the lease.

General Discussion – Gary will discuss with Peter whether to have a meeting in July.  A determination of whether to cancel the meeting will depend on whether we have anything to discuss.  Currently, the next meeting is scheduled for July 20th at Juana’s.  This concluded the meeting which adjourned at 10:48 a.m.



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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

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