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All Meetings will be held on the 3rd Saturday of each month beginning at 10:00 am unless specified otherwise at Juana’s Pagoda

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NBLRA Minutes

November 16, 2019 Meeting

The November meeting of leaseholders and residents association met Saturday, Nov. 16, at Juana’s.  The meeting was called to order at 10 a.m. by President Peter Birckhead.  The quorum was called and then it was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  We observed a moment of silence which was then followed by welcoming new members and guests to the meeting.  There were 54 present at the meeting.


Approve minutes – The October minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s report – Kathy Boulton, treasurer referenced the Nov. 10 report enclosed in the agenda. There were no dues collected.  Total disbursements were $100.  The current checking account balance is $16,417.45 of which $7,511.74 is BBLC donations.  The money market balance is $11,917.74.  Total assets are $28,335.19.  Total paid members is 282. There was no change in the number of members from October. The treasure report was approved.  Reference treasure reports dated Nov. 10 for further details.


Navarre Beach Fire Rescue report – There was no fire report presented at the meeting.

Program Committee – Peter Birckhead introduced Commissioner Piech who provided a highlight of the county’s priority projects.

• Navarre Beach was named by TravelLemming.com as 25th of 30 top emerging global travel destinations for 2020.

• Bed tax - The bed tax revenue for this past year was $3.9 million, just short of the $4 million goal.  Priority projects for the use of that money will be to add more crosswalks and build a small stage for the concerts.

• Pier decking - Replacement of pier decking will cost approximately $1.3 million.  The project will start in December.  The contractor has 272 days to complete the job.  There are specifications on treated wood that must be met for the wood being used on the project.  Once the first board is replaced on the pier, the contractor has 90 days to complete all the boards.

• New bathrooms - The county will have new bathrooms installed located by Juana’s.  The cost is approximately $980,000.

• Mobi-mats – The county had put out mobi-mats to make the beach more accessible but had to pull them up because of FDEP violations.  County is working with FDEP to clear up violations and hopes to have new ones put out once they know they are in compliance with FDEP.  It could mean to be compliant that the mats would require daily installation and removal of the mats.

• Marine Park land donation – The 5-acre parcel of sound side land on Navarre Beach was donated to Santa Rosa County.  This was the parcel of land that had a lease that allowed for a possible construction of a marina and RV park but now can only be used for conservation purposes.

• Grant money for small business – The county is working to assist small businesses to improve the front of their stores.  Grant money of up to $5,000 is available for façade improvements and up to $1,000 for signage.

• Planning and Zoning Board vacancies – All Planning and Zoning members resigned, and county is working to replace them.  The board is comprised of 10 members of which two are from each commission’s district.  Commissioner Piech has stipulated that his two members will have to live in District 4.  The first meeting for the new board is scheduled Nov. 21.  There is also a vacancy for a project leader for the BP oil projects.

• Land Development Code change – The draft code should be submitted in April.  The draft will be submitted to the commissioners in February for their review.  Docks, boat houses and canals are not addressed in current code so will need to discuss on how to handle.

• Code enforcement – Focus is to identify run down homes. The county can place a lien on run down property.  Public can file complaints online at www.santarosa.fl.gov/153/Code-Enforcement.  The form requires a name and phone number of the person filing the complaint.  The person filing the complaint will receive emails on the status of the complaint and any updates.

• Water treatment plant – One of the commissioner’s priority projects is the water treatment plant that will move the effluent water out of the sound.  The commission is hopeful that if they keep the emphasis on this project, the county will not have to request another five-year permit from FDEP to dump into the sound.

• Navarre #19 vacant lot next to Culvers – An Aldi’s grocery store is planned to be built on the vacant lot.  Potential businesses that also could be built on the lot are food services places, hotel or hospital.

• Dog park status– Commissioners requested TDC’s opinions on location of dog park.  TDC suggested sound side.  There are several proposals on the dog park and details to sort through so still working through the details.  There was a suggestion that the county survey Navarre Beach residents which is something the commissioner rsecognized they could do.  It was also suggested that there needed to be some enforcement on the beach for violators.  Commissioner said the fines did increase from $30 to $150 which hopefully should help to act as a deterrent.

• Fee simple bill status – There was a question on whether there was any activity on the fee simple bill. The bill is dead.  It does not look probable that it will come back soon because it would require both Escambia and Santa Rosa counties approval and a Republican congress and president.

• Beach renourishment – 1% of the bed tax is set aside for the beach renourishment project so should not require additional funding.

• Navarre Park status – Phase I is currently delayed because contractor is waiting on dredging permits from the Army Corps of Engineers.  County working with Army Corps of Engineers to expedite the permits so construction can proceed.  There are plans to put in living sea walls.  Goals for Phase II and III is to make it more natural.

• Waste cans  - A member asked the commissioner if there were any ordinances about leaving trash cans out on Gulf Blvd.  There is an old ordinance on trash cans where trash cans must be taken in after trash collection and be stored out of view.  However, the county is looking at this ordinance to update it to make it fit the current environment.

• Enforcement on crosswalks – A member brought up the issue that cars currently are not stopping for pedestrians entering the crosswalks so this issue will need to be addressed as more crosswalks are added on the beach.

• Bicyclists – A member brought up there is an issue of cars endangering bicyclists on the roads even though they have the same right to be on the road as cars do.  It was suggested that signs be allowed stating that bicyclists have a right to be on the roads.

• Impact fees – Commissioner was asked if the impact fees could be used to put the roundabout at the Tom Thumb intersection.  The commissioner was not sure because it would depend on how it is written up and would be a question for legal to answer.  The impact fees would be determined by zone.  Use of impact fees would be for roads, parks and safety.

• Multi-use path on White Sands – The plans to have a multi-use-path on White Sands Blvd. are still moving forward.

• Highway 98 – There will be six lanes on Highway 98 once project completed.  FDOT will be checking the light timing within the next two weeks.  State and federal government will be paying for an Advance Traffic Management System that will connect traffic signals to a central control system which allows real-time monitoring of traffic flow.

• Turner House – County hiring a structural engineer firm to determine if the structure is sound.  The report from the structural engineer firm will be taken to the judge for his review.  If structure is found to be a sound structure, will determine options that are available at that time.

Nominating Committee –  Peter requested a motion to vote on the 2020 nominees which was seconded.   The motion passed so the new officers for 2020 are:

• President – Gary Buroker

• Vice-President – Jim Taylor

• Secretary – Lisa Cichy

• Treasurer – Kathy Boulton

General discussion –

The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 18 at Juana’s.  There will be refreshments and beverages at the January meeting.

Gary Buroker recognized and thanked the following for their efforts:

Peter Birckhead for being president for the past two years.  Some of Peter’s major accomplishments were:

• Donations for benches

• Tirelessly worked on getting irrigation and landscaping approved and funded for Gulf Blvd.

• County removal of several duplicate or unnecessary signs

• Created new committees:

- Program - Courtland Gray

- Neighborhood Watch - Courtland & Robin Otto

- Welcome - Justine Ward &Michelle Auwaerter

- Meet Your Neighbor - Kimberlee Gardner

- Community Outreach

- Chaired Decorations Committee Jerry Smith , Courtland Grey and Lisa Cichy


Michelle Auwaerter

• Served as secretary for more than two years and provided timely minutes


Jim Taylor

• Has sold real estate on the island for years

• Original member of BBC that started irrigation and landscape on entry and beach causeway

• Has been a member of fire board a number of years


Kathy Boulton

• Has served as treasurer since 2015 and will continue for the upcoming year

• Takes care of money and reporting

• Membership solicitation and list

• Takes care of all communications to members


Sandi Kemp

• Provides NBLRA monthly newsletter at no cost to us

• Constantly receives positive feedback on quality of the monthly publication

• All members receive an electronic copy of the newsletter and those members with a Navarre post box receive a hard copy


This concluded the meeting which adjourned at 10:58 a.m.


Respectively submitted by,

Michelle Auwaerter



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