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NBLRA Minutes

August 17, 2019 Meeting

The August meeting of leaseholders and residents association met Saturday, August 17, 2019 at Juana’s.  The meeting was called to order at 9:01a.m. by President, Peter Birckhead.  The quorum was called and then it was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  We observed a moment of silence which was then followed by welcoming new members and guests to the meeting.  There were 35 present at the meeting.


Approve Minutes –

The June minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report – Kathy Boulton, Treasurer referenced the July report enclosed in the Agenda and then went over the August report as of August 12, 2019.  There were no dues or donations collected.  Total disbursements were $1,048.15 that went to the Fishing Rodeo for $1,000 and Sandpaper Marketing for $48.15.  The current checking account balance is $16,651.30 of which $7,511.74 is BBLC Donations.  The money market balance is $11,878.63.  Total Assets are $28,529.93.  There were 271 paid members. The treasure report was approved.  Reference Treasure reports, dated July 23, 2019 and August 12, 2019 for further details.


Navarre Beach Fire Rescue Report – The July fire report was presented.  There were 60 calls in July.  The main items in July are as follows:

• Received check from insurance on bay door collision

• Ordered new Cascade system to be delivered in October. $15,000 funded by Division of Forestry.

• Inspected new Lifeguard house. Turned power on for TDC to use for Fireworks Show.

• Contacted Rotary club on missing life buoys.

• Received reimbursement from TDC for toy box project

• Attended Military/first responder appreciation day at Navarre Park. NBFR won tug of war!

• Applied for State fire Marshalls grant to purchase second set of bunker gear

• Paid H&R construction second draw on new addition

• Firefighter Micah Amey pinning ceremony. Officially off probation.

• State Fire Marshall toured station for safety inspection

• Relieved Firefighter Jack Naquin of duty.  No call no show.

• Notified County administrator of overpayment of $35,000 for beach safety agreement

• Attended Florida Fire Chiefs conference in Boca Raton

• Sent County administrator quote to enclose bottom of Lifeguard house

• Lucas Grant finalized and closed with State

• Disputed bill from Lockard Williams on HRA account. Balanced zeroed.

• C49 vehicle windshield replaced due to rock hitting it.

• Attended consolidation meeting with Midway and Holley Navarre. Creating Training position.

• Received violation from County on permitting issue. H&R handled.

• 2 fully involved structure fires.

• Officers meeting.  All in favor of hiring Rachel Provoznik started August 7th.

• Obtained insurance on Blue Herron Ct. house for lifeguards.

• Borrowed bunker gear from HNFD for new hire.

• Performed critique on the 2 structure fires with all units present.


Beach Safety Report – Austin, Director of Beach Safety provided year-to-date figures as follows:

• Contacts – 154,212

• Prevents – 105,806

• Assists – 147

• Rescues – 18

• Minor Medicals – 89

• Major Medicals – 11

• Missing Children – 8

• Drownings - 0

New Patrols have been established on the west end of the beach.  There are now lifeguard stations for the entirety of Navarre Beach.


Special Fire District - John Lewis introduced Ben Boyd to go over the referendum of the Navarre Beach Fire Department becoming a Special Fire District.  Navarre Beach Fire Rescue Inc. (NBFR) is pursuing a legislative petition to convert the island’s current private incorporated fire company into a state-sponsored Independent Special Fire District (ISFD). The procedure to become an ISFD is a political process, requiring local district support and Florida Legislative approval. Both Holley-Navarre and Midway Fire Districts are ISFDs.


The conversion of NBFR from a private non-profit company to an independent government body would only change the department’s administrative structure. Residents and visitors would see no changes to the current services the department provides, both on Navarre Beach and with local mutual aid fire departments. The fire protection fees residents currently pay via Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) would not change.


The first step in the process is garnering Navarre Beach voter/leaseholder support to pursue the State legislative action. Santa Rosa County Commissioners recently approved the addition of a non-binding referendum regarding the establishment of a Navarre Beach ISFD to the upcoming August 27 Special Election ballot for Navarre Beach district voters.


The ISFD provides:

• Increased access to state resources and grants

• Access for department firefighters to State retirement programs

• No change to current services or fees

Department administrative and budgetary control via elected local fire commissioners.


NBFR is requesting Navarre Beach voters’ support of the non-binding referendum measure August 27. Following a majority vote, the department will submit a formal request to local Florida legislative representatives for their support.


Legislative Update –

• Sales Tax Update – Santa Rosa county Commissioners are requesting a ½ cent increase in sales tax to fund law enforcement/fire and public safety facilities and equipment, transportation and drainage improvements, infrastructure projects/public safety facilities, recreation/natural resources.  If sales tax increase is approved, there will be two projects that are on the priority list which impact the beach. One is the roundabout at Gulf Blvd and Tom Thumb intersection.  The second is a multi-use path on White Sands.

• Incorporate Navarre Discussion – Gary provided an overview of the pros and cons of incorporation.



  • More say over local issues
  • More say on where tax dollars are spent
  • More say on zoning issues


  • More taxes
  • Another layer of Government to obtain approvals and changes
  • Management of hurricane recovery
  • County still owns beach front and Parks

Gary provided an example of how Indianapolis was very successful when it merged 26 cities into one city county government in the 1970 with a population of 700,000. Gary encouraged having a honest high quality discussion before we support a change or take any action.

• Clean up – Eglin AFB and Santa Rosa county leaders reached a lease agreement for the Navarre Beach, Holley-Navarre and South Santa Rosa Utilities to pipe the treated wastewater to 200 acres located on base property instead of the Santa Rosa Sound.  County officials plan to do a utility rate study that will potentially raise revenues from Navarre Beach.

• Acquisition of 4.75 acres in Navarre Beach Marine Park – NRDA Florida Trustee Implementation Group has proposed the third phase of the Florida Coastal Access Project.  In the draft it proposes to buy the 4.75 acres privately owned in the Navarre Beach Marine Park.  This parcel will be bought and given to Santa Rosa County for conservation/recreation.

• Turner House

n Requested BOCC to assist in adding stronger language in the Code

n Three Commissioner’s support as long as language meets State Regulations

n Current Code limits action for poor appearance

n Reviewing other Florida County codes to duplicate for Santa Rosa

n Attending the meeting wereTerry Pirman (current lead), Charlie and Catiel Hall Felts, Gary Buroker, Kathy Boulton, Pam Wingate, Peter Birckhead, Tim Eckard and Jonna Coppenhaver.

n Terry, Charlie and Gary met with Shawn Ward, Zoning Director of SRC to discuss language changes.

n Kathy and Gary along with two other leaseholders attended the Code meeting on July 15th.

Once Zoning gets input then new zoning language will be added.  NBLRA will get to review before Zoning Board votes which is scheduled in October.  Once Zoning Board votes it goes to BOCC for final approval which should occur in December or January.

Also County still has a hearing coming up requesting Judge to take action on Turner house for safety concerns.


Beach Beautification Liaison Committee Update –

• Replacement of Pier boards is estimated to begin in February/March timeframe.

• National Seashore’s new sign is currently going through the approval process with the County.

General Discussion –

• Speakers will be invited to the September meeting to provide more information on incorporation of Navarre.

• The nomination process for next year’s officers begins in September.  The Nomination committee needs three volunteers.  Schedule as follows:

• September - Announcement of Nomination Committee

• October – List of candidates for the Offices

• November – Vote on candidates


The next meeting is scheduled for September 21st at Juana’s.  This concluded the meeting which adjourned at 9:51 a.m.



Submitted by,

Michelle Auwaerter




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