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Gary Buroker

Vice President

Jim Taylor


Lisa Cichy


Kathy Boulton


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NBLRA Minutes

February 22, 2020 Meeting

The February NBLRA meeting, held at Juana’s, was called to order at 10:02 a.m. by board president Gary Buroker.  A quorum was established.  Total attendance was 55.  The Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence were observed.

Motion to approve minutes from the January meeting was made, seconded, and passed.

Treasurer, Kathy Boulton, gave the following report for finances as of February 17, 2020



Beginning Balance     $16,493.31



Dues                           $3,837.00

BBLC Donations          $1,255.00





  NB Chamber of Commerce (dues)         $175.00

  Mailings (Marketing)                             $300.00

  Christmas Lights                                     $57.40

  Storage Totes (Flags)                              $24.59

  Pak-N-Fax (Renewal Mailings)               $183.78

  UPS (Printing)                                       $201.43

  Renewals (Sunbiz & Domain Name)        $77.24

  Juana’s (2020 Social)                          $1,649.64


Ending Balance (02/17/2020)             $18,916.23

($8,776.74 is BBLC donations)


CD (not including $60.91 in interest paid as of 02/17/2020) $11,917.74

Total Assets $30,833.97


Paid memberships for 2019 - 286 (+4 from previous total)

Filed taxes -- Didn’t have to pay in -- $250.00 credit transferred to next year.

Motion to approve treasurer’s report was made, seconded, passed.



Received variance for station addition from County Commissioners.

Work continues on Beach Safety House (thank you to Commissioner Piech for donation of the paint).

Purchased two new ATVs (funded by TDC and county).

Ordered three new AEDs and new small equipment for ladder 49.

NBFR will take over locking all restrooms on island for nights due to vandalism.


Courtland Grey introduced Stormy Anderson of Emerald Coast Wildlife & Refuge.

ECWR started 25 years ago when George Grey obtained permits to rescue, rehabilitate and release.

Primary goal is to release back into environment.

Animal becomes an ambassador when unable to return to the wild due to injury or imprinting.

Education and outreach center provides environmental info and classes

ECWR provided autopsy on dead dolphin on Pensacola Beach. A $20,000 reward offered from NOAA.

Non-profit - no state or federal aide, only grants

“Landlord”, animal ambassador tortoise came to visit meeting goers

ECWR runs intern and volunteer programs


President, Gary Buroker, gave President’s Update

Land Development Code ( LDC) - draft was released.  Link to the 599 page document will be included in NB News.

Public Workshop on March 19th - goes to BOCC for adoption on April 23rd.

Sound Clean-up -- no new news.

Irrigation -- TDC funding -- first leg will begin soon.

Shower completion slated for June or July.


Vice-President, Jim Taylor

Time to start thinking forward to having a float in the NB Mardi Gras parade 2021.

Making wife chairman, Surprise!!

Any guest speaker ideas --



General Discussion

New signs at the Public Accesses -- Check them out.  Thanks to all the work provided by the Ruthrauffs.


Dogs -- Getting to be more on the beach.

Need to complain, complain, and complain.

Make them hear us!!!!


Next meeting March 21 at Juana’s


Meeting was adjourned at 10:51 A.M.


Social Hour!!!


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