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May 28, 2014 E-mail sent from Attorney’s Office


Below is an e-mail sent from the attorney’s office to Robin Baker regarding information kept on our website:




Dear Ms. Baker:


Mr. Kepner wanted me to get in touch with you to make sure we keep the website up and running for at least the next couple of months. We will have a letter and some information ready for you to post in the very near future, and it is imperative that the clients have access to this information on the website. If there is anything our office can do to help with it, please let us know. We will email you the information for posting just as soon as it is ready.


Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter.




Juelee E. RiesauParalegal to Danny L. Kepner, Esq.

Shell, Fleming, Davis & Menge

226 Palafox Place, 9th Floor

Pensacola, FL 32502

(850) 434-2411, Ext. 124Toll Free (800) 450-6479Fax: (850) 435-1074jriesau@shellfleming.com



Annual Mitigation Update

At the Thursday, Sept. 20th regular commission committee meeting, the Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy or LMS Task Force updated the commissioners on mitigation efforts in Santa Rosa County. Items that were discussed included the progress of ongoing mitigation projects, an evaluation report on the progress of the flood mitigation plan and an update on the county’s community rating system or CRS efforts. Click here to view  the presentation and the flood mitigation plan evaluation report.


The purpose of the Santa Rosa County Local Mitigation Strategy Task Force is to decrease the vulnerability of the citizens, governments, businesses and institutions of Santa Rosa County to the future human, economic and environmental costs of natural, technological, and societal disasters. To this end, the task force develops, monitors, implements, and maintains a comprehensive plan for hazard mitigation.  Participation on the task force is open to all jurisdictions, organizations and individuals supporting its purposes.


For more information regarding the annual update or the activities of the LMS, please call Sheila Harris, Special Projects and Grants Coordinator at (850) 983-1848 or sheilah@santarosa.fl.gov



Spring 2012


Supreme Court accepts Jurisdiction for both the Navarre and Pensacola Beach cases


Although they have dispensed with oral argument, they have agreed to review both cases.


We are currently working on our Initial Brief on the Merits, which is due to the Supreme Court by the end of April. From the date we file it, the opponents will have 20 days to file a Reply Brief, and after they file that, we will have 20 days to respond to their Brief. After that final filing, it will be in the hands of the Supreme Court to make a decision.


The same schedule applies to the Pensacola Beach case.


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