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Gary Buroker

Vice President

Jim Taylor


Lisa Cichy


Kathy Boulton


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NBLRA Members,

Hope you are your families are safe.

Opening Navarre Beach May 6, 2020



• Phase one – the stage Florida is currently in – is about waiting for Florida to reopen and inform the public on hospitality progress. The stay-at-home and social distancing orders are still being enforced, and only essential employees are allowed to be regularly outside of their homes at this time.

• Phase two - will go into effect when Governor DeSantis lifts the stay-at-home order. The task force will then promote in-state travel and vacations, with hotels and restaurants being the target industries.

• Phase three - will call on domestic and international travelers to flock to Florida. Beaches and other tourism spots should have little restrictions

• Phase four - the final stage in the task force’s plan to re-open the state and something akin to what the state looked like two months ago, will “keep Florida the top travel destination” for tourist.


Other updates:

• Turner House- The Florida Supreme Curt has continued all non-essential court proceeding until the end of May. County has cancelled all non essential meetings so nothing has happened on changes to the LDC code.

• Landscaping on Gulf Blvd-Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 crisis there will most likely not be funding available until 2022 for this project.

• Sound Clean Up-After several months of ongoing discussions and negotiations, the city of Gulf Breeze, the Holley-Navarre Water System and Santa Rosa County have come to a agreement that will shape the future of regional wastewater treatment in Northwest Florida. The agreement was finalized after Gulf Breeze gave its final approval on Monday night. Santa Rosa County and the HNWS both approved the memorandum of agreement at their respective March meetings. The agreement essentially combines the desires of HNWS and Santa Rosa County to stream the majority of their wastewater to a leased spray field on Eglin Air Force Base with Gulf Breeze’s desire to treat water to reclaimed standards and provide cheap, environmentally friendly water for customers.

• Finally , I want to thank the Santa Rosa County Sheriff department for keeping us safe during the closing of our beach. Staffing levels were appropriate to keep non residents from using the beach.


Gary E Buroker






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