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Presidents message November 2019

Happy holidays!  I hope everyone has big plans to be with friends and family this holiday season.  If you going to be at Navarre Beach it is a nice time of year to be here with many of the tourist gone, cooler temperatures and the sunrises and sunsets as beautiful as ever. Enjoy!

Our November meeting saw a turnout of 54 people.  This is a good number of people for this time of year with so many of our residents already traveling for the holidays. Thanks to all of you that did attend our meeting.

For those who did not attend our meeting you missed out on being treated to an all Santa Rosa County update from our very own District 4 Commissioner Dave Piech. Be sure to check out the minutes of our meeting for all of the important comments and updates provided by the commissioner. Of note was an update on the Turner House. At this time the county is commissioning a structural engineer to review the integrity of the house to determine whether it is safe or unsafe. If deemed unsafe, the Turner’s will be forced to have the house repaired or demolished. Should it be determined the house is structurally sound the county will once again move forward with court proceedings.

In the absence of a representative with the Board of Directors Nominating Committee for next year’s slate of officers I introduced the following individuals for the following board positions effective Jan. 1, 2020:

Gary Buroker - President

Jim Taylor – Vice President

Kathy Boulton – Treasurer

Lisa Cichy – Secretary

I then made the motion to approve these individuals. The motion was seconded, and the slate of officers was approved by the membership. When you see these individuals please be sure to thank them for raising their hands to serve our association and our community.

Speaking of thanks and since this is my last Presidents Message I would like to thank the following people for all they have done to support me and our association for the past four years I have served on the board and the last two as president.

First and foremost I would like to thank Gary Buroker who works tirelessly on all legislative matters directly or indirectly impacting the beach. Gary has established an excellent working relationship with our commissioner and leadership throughout the county’s administration.  He keeps an ear to the ground and works hard to stay up to date with all legislative and regulatory matters. He presents his findings accurately at every meeting and provides insight as to how these matters might impact the beach. Thank you Gary for all you have done for our association and our membership.

Next, I would like to thank Kathy Boulton, our treasurer, who does an outstanding job with our banking, accounting and taxes each and every year that she continues to serve. On top of this Kathy is always sure to keep us administratively sound.  She is the glue that holds our organization together. Thank you Kathy for all you have done for me and our members.

Michelle Auwaerter, our secretary, is the best. Never have I worked with such an attentive person when it comes to the accuracy and completeness of meeting minutes. Michelle always gets it done, done right and on time.  Also Michelle has headed up our Welcome Committee that works with Sandi Kemp, at Navarre Press, to make sure all new residents receive a welcome packet from NBLRA upon moving onto the island.

Thanks also go out to the following individuals for their help in the past with various committees and assignments:

Jerry Smith for his help with putting US flags out and around the entrance signs to the beach during various holidays throughout the year and helping me each year with the Christmas decorations. Jerry and I also worked together for some time eliminating excess signage on the beach and policing noncomplying real estate signs. Thanks Jerry for all you have done for NBLRA.

Thank you Lisa Cichy for her help each year with the Christmas decorations at our entrance signs. Lisa will now be spearheading this effort going forward.

Thanks to Courtland Gray for being committee chair of the Neighborhood Watch Committee and the Program Committee, which brings us great speakers every month and for his assistance with the Nominating Committee.

Special thanks to Justin Ward for her help and assistance in determining whether or not a 501c3 designation was appropriate for NBLRA.  Unfortunately after hours of work and research, including a meeting with a lawyer, it was determined that until a major fund raising event is initiated by NBLRA it does not make financial sense, at this time, to pursue this distinction. Justin also worked on the Welcome Committee.

Thanks to Sandi Kemp, editor Navarre Press, for all she does for NBLRA in putting out a first class newsletter each and every month at no charge to our association. Sandi and her team also make sure the welcome packets go out each month to new residents of the island. Thank you, Sandi!

Thanks to John Lewis of the Navarre Beach Fire Rescue Board and Chief Danny Fureigh for all they do to keep our island safe and protected from fire and destruction.  I would especially like to thank them and all of our firefighters and first responders for attending our monthly meetings and providing very comprehensive updates and reports.

And last but certainly not least I would like to thank the entire Juana’s family; Ken, Kevin, Steve and Marie Rudzki for all they do and have done for NBLRA.  Opening their facilities to us complementary every month for our meetings and making sure we have everything we need month after month and year after year is a real blessing for our membership. Thanks so much!!!  I would like to especially thank Kevin who routinely helps us with the sound system before each meeting. Thanks Kevin!!!

I would also like to thank each and every member for their support of my presidency these past two years. I very much appreciate the opportunity to serve our community, and I wish you all the best in the future.


Thank you.

Peter Birckhead




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